Sunday, March 12, 2017

Letter to Heartless God..

 Dear God,

Why we have to die???
Why cant a person live long for a life time and die at the old age is seems to be fine..

Why a person in family has to die sudden ..? do you think their family can cope up with that ??
Answer is NEVER..
What did we do to go through all this/??? We dont deserve this AT ALL..

Where do you show the Missed person if we wanted to meet and spend time with..?????????????

I thought in my life so far your creation is perfect and wonderful !!

Your creation most imperfect when dealing with DEATH!
Dont think you did everything to mankind..well you are NOT..

Let me tell you if you can able to make a person live life long till old age then you might be doing a better work than now..we can deal with every trauma you create and every suffering made in life process and do not ask deal with a close person death which is out of words Insanity!!!

Please REMOVE any sort of death in mid ..

Make human IMMORTAL!!! till the old age.. let the deceased organs grow on its own..
No Murder/Suicide/Deceases can make human die please...

I am sure you can do that..when you can able to create Microbes Immortal can do the same for humans too..

Till then think you are creating a imperfect world and behaving like a SADIST to create a world where humans had to deal with hell lot of pain and suffering in the form the death of their family members!!

My suggestion is to destroy whole WORLD now and recreate only when you found the cure for making human IMMORTAL till aging process eats them after the span of 100 years...


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Friday, September 28, 2012

One loooong day in Life..

6.00 AM : This day started at 6 am in the morning..
hmm yeah it started so early .. I need to attend certification exam which is scheduled at 9.00 am.

7.30 AM started after taking lil brush up of things   ..

8.20 AM Reached exam guy face is familiar to me but I didnt shown interest to talk.wrote name in the registry and sat in the waiting sofa over there.

8.25 AM Receptionist told to us girl is coming from jarkhand n she is unable to find the location so keep on roaming here n there since half hr in auto.Though his guidance doesnt help much either etc..
I thought by watching map only I also reached n it is on the road even hmm.

8.30 AM another two guys came n lost girl reached finally it seems by watching her relieved smile I identified its 'her' may be.she sat beside me n her pink pattiyala pant doesnt suited well on tht chudidar I felt.I m studying the paper over there n completed the main news too.

9.00 AM Still exam doesnt started yet! I n other guys enquired when it is going to start then he replied it will start in another 10 minutes.*sigh* ok what to do now I thought n watching the whole exam center n checked out the people once again.almost 8 people reached by tht time.

9.15 AM Another guy who sat beside me suddenly opened a note book n studying so seriously.What ppl will study in last min hmm I peeped into it to get know abt what certification he is going to write ..SQL commands are there so cant guess! on right hand side girl is also studying so peeped into it as well :D SAP certication only but cant figured out which module it was ..couldnt able to understand from tht nice writing hehe :P

9.20 AM I thought of freshup so reached wahroom n looked out for the washbasin n looking into the mirror (talking to myself ..write well n relax etc) suddenly one guy came from the room n he kept embarrassed face n had no clue on his face :D I shocked of watching him there n mumbled isnt it ..? before completing of my sentence only he mentioned its HE embarrassment came to my face n told sorry sorry n ran out :D  laughed afterwards :P

9.25 AM One guy came with ID card and shake handed one guy n mentioned exam will start in another 5 to 10 min.I looked at the watch again! hmm

9.30 AM Rush started to go into the exam hall side so I followed them.They took cell phones from us.Safer side I enquired the receptionist who will take care of these ? He replied : they will be safe wid us madam.
how will u get to know if someone take others phn n go ? He laughed.I didnt felt it is funny so I asked which is mine from these he showed my cell.Good it is mine! dont give to others :D I mentioned n followed the ppl.

9.35AM They started calling by one is going into the hall.I was the only one left at last..I m curiosuly looking when they will call ..they asked whats ur name? I told n they simply said it was not there in the list!!!!
my expression what !! I have explained abt when I got confirmation mail n scheduled timings as well..
They called to authorized ppl n he carried the info tht not only me total 15 ppl names got missed in the lst!
They mentioned it will take another hr to arrange the exam for me and politely asked me to wait..

9.45AM I came back to reception n sat in the same sofa searching for other papers over there..Cleaning lady came n asking what happened for u ? I told its their delay n postponed to another hr ..

10.00 AM nothing changed except my read newspapers over there! one guy came n on a corner of my eye I noticed his deep looks to me :P I went into my routine back of news reader job :D

10.30 AM magazine,papers r over.Read the news abt heart probs n male breast removal too :D Receptionist n lady maid pitied on me ..

10.40 AM my name was shouted from inside! I went to instructor and he asked abt when exactly I got confirmation mail n details.I asked him "why it happened ? he told "I dont know ..I m enquiring abt it I will know n I m new to this premises as well! ..I said fine in agreeing tone n thought in mind " who the heck will know "

11.00 AM Other person who mentioned one hr my exam start lik tht went for a tea break ..I watched n thought " go n enjy urself" :P

11.10 AM Lady maid came n asking when ur exam will start ..its already more than a hr! I gave a sigh
she is suggesting me to call to the ppl who nominated me ..hmm I told her 11.30 AM I will call them..

11.30 AM still tht person didnt came to give the info.I got bored n asked receptionist for more magazines.
He mentioned its the only magzine n tht precious one also came today only! ..I remembered brehmi expressions to give but stopped n thought not to freak receptionist :P

12.00 PM Person came n I enquired again.This time he called again n informing me tht they will tell.
I got rage this time but controlled n asked politely "test will be there today or not ? "
he mentioned "yeah definitely even yesterday also delay happened lik this n we conducted after two hrs ..
I asked in a max possible controlled tone : what about me its already three hours over !

he looked at me n guided me to his room. He sat n asked me to sit.I thought y to sit so stood n looking for a reply which he didnt gave yet!
He insisted to sit so this time to give respect I sat.
He mentioned slowly "I couldnt able to answer this question" n those are the people who can tell tht ..
I replied " I will leave then once they replied ,you pls inform to me"
He mentioned "no pls wait here ,will let u know soon"

12.45 PM Till then I played games in my mobile n cursed myself for not bringing my ear phns.
I played fish hunt n before losing exited dont wanna see defeat in games too.Opened pacman n again the same stry hmm ..SPORE game one of my fav in my mobile n never defeated in tht so opened tht ..couldnt able to believe lost tht too ..decided no concentration to do anything now etc

12.50 PM my name was called n checked he showed me the mail he got ..he told your exam will start soon..
I gave a lil bit smile aftr long time ..

1.20 PM SPORE game only winnings this time ..I felt nice..

1.30 PM they called my name for exam ..hmm AT LAST!!!!

3.30 PM Still one hr is left but I completed the answers n checked three times by tht time so got bored n hungry too.. dont have patience so pressed submit button after pray to siva .. :)

"Congratulations! you passed the exam" appeared on the screen ...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to make the RIGHT Decision..

So why do bad things happen to good people? In a word – choices. If you search for answers to this difficult question in the media or on the Internet they will invariably mention God or philosophical views related to that which you cannot control. However, in life there are many things you CAN control, just by making the right choices.
Why do bad things happen to good people? Bad things don’t just happen to good people, they happen to every single one of us. Good things happen to us all too, but we tend not to remember those because we want them to happen all the time. It’s just that when bad things happen we tend to remember them for longer.
Many external factors which we can’t control, such as the weather or the economy, often shape our decisions for us. For example if the economy is pretty bad and finances are tight, maybe you’ll decide not to splash out on that holiday or that new car. Maybe you’ll decide to save money instead.
We just don’t realize that the reason bad things happen to us a lot of the time is because we make the wrong decisions. Making one wrong decision can quickly lead to a cataclysmic sequence of events which just get worse as you go along, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly or even longer term.
These are not bad decisions, they can be considered prudent and wise. Making decisions like these are not difficult as they can be considered common sense.
However, making the right decisions on a personal level will determine what you go through mentally on a daily basis and this IS something you are in control of because the only person in control of how you think is YOU. Your frame of mind is an essential determinant of how a particular decision will pan out when it’s made. If you make a decision when you’re annoyed, angry, upset, depressed or unhappy, the likelihood of that decision turning into a negative outcome increases significantly. On the contrary, if you make a decision when you’re relaxed, happy, optimistic and affirmative, you will be more likely to experience a positive outcome.
Many people just don’t realize what frame of mind they’re in when they’re making important decisions. Making a conscious effort to understand this concept will greatly improve the chances of you making the right decisions in life. Sometimes, making the wrong decision may cost you time, money, effort, missed opportunities, or all the above. Don’t worry about it, you will get other chances to make similar choices. Where it becomes really important is when your principles and character are at stake.
Don’t ever let a decision cost you your individuality. Don’t compromise on your values, principles, ethics and whatever makes you…you. The worst kind of decision you can make is the one which costs you something dear to you, something you love. To make the right decision you need to stop thinking. Instead you need to ‘feel’ the decision. Think of all your choices you have in a particular situation and explore how you feel about each one of them. Choose the one which makes you feel the best. If you practice this method with a clear mind, you will gain clarity and will be able to easily differentiate between the right and wrong choice.
You want to ensure everything is right before taking action
Look at your options objectively. Don’t make choices when you’re negatively emotional such as sad, angry, depressed, unhappy etc. You need to be either completely unemotional or positively emotional when you’re making a decision. Here’s why you often end up making the wrong choice:
Other people tell you it’s the wrong decision
This is encroaching on your individuality. Why would you let others decide how your life will turn out? It’s a sign that you don’t trust yourself and you’re unwilling to take responsibility for your own decisions. By letting others decide for you, you’re becoming what they are not what you are.

Not learning from the past
It’s easy to do something the same way again and again simply because that’s the way you’ve always done it, it’s second nature. Take a good look at the outcome. If things have repeatedly not gone in your favour, you need to make a different choice next time. Learn from failure.

Your want instant gratification
Making a particular choice may well get you what you want right now but what are the longer term consequences? Look at the bigger picture. Try to make choices that will put you in a better position permanently in the long term, rather than making a series of wrong choices for temporary gain in the short term.

You don’t like taking risks
Your decisions tend to be mostly rational and not spontaneous. Whilst this will reduce the probability of negative outcomes in some cases, you will never experience the unexpected outcomes associated with being impulsive. You will never know what ‘could have been’ if you’re always too sensible.

Everything will never be ‘just right.’ If you’re always waiting for the perfect conditions before you do something, you might be waiting a long time. Also known as procrastination. Don’t spend too long deciding. It’ll cost you time and lost opportunities.
And here’s how to start making better choices:
    Use your experience
All the lessons you’ve learnt so far in life should equate to better decisions as you go forward. As you become more confident, your naivety should reduce as you become wiser and smarter.
    Be better informed
Rather than make an ill-informed decision based on lack of information, ensure you know as much as possible about a situation before making a decision to take action. By knowing more, you might find yourself thinking differently.
    Have belief in yourself
Other people may not agree with you, or may even put your ideas down. Learn to differentiate between listening to their opinion and changing yours because of them. Trust your instinct. Don’t be dissuaded based on the emotions of others.
    Stick with it
Once you’ve made a decision, stick to it. If you change your mind you will just create more uncertainty and will begin to doubt yourself. Have courage in your convictions and discipline yourself to stick to the choice you make.
    Think long term
Your aim is to have a good life, not just a good day or week. Making short term sacrifices for long term gain is always going to be better than a quick fix now. Thinking long term will expand your horizons and allow you to take a little longer to decide.
Remember, whatever decisions you make, make them with a sound mind. Your thoughts will ultimately become your actions and your actions will determine your circumstances.
Article Source: Vishal_C_Patel